DIET-Getting Fit-Looking HOT: On that journey! Amen to that thought!

Ok, my first post on how I had reduced 11 kgs in two months and the journey that it was along with an ending that said the next two months look bloody exciting! Well, it was exciting, but did I lose any more weight than I already did. Well, not much!

(For those of you lucky enough not to have pored over that article, please do read it here: )

Did I work hard? Yes and No! Did I follow a strict diet? Yes and No! But boy, did I learn a lot of stuff on reducing weight and body and all and the mighty importance of that intriguing virtue called patience!

Acting on the advice given by lotsa people, I hit a gym near my place in Chennai. Before I paid up, I took a look around the gym and asked him point blank-“You know why I am here?” without flinching his eyes-“Yes I know.” There was never any need to tell him my motive. It was obvious.

The next day I pop in at 5.20 am and I find that the shutters are down. Dejected, I wait for sometime and was aimlessly looking at some of the pics of bodybuilders, with humongous biceps, thighs, arms, chest and it looked repulsive to me. Too big! The crowd started trickling in and most of them looked fit, very fit, not the bulked up bodies, they were still repulsive in my eyes but some of the men there looked ridiculously hot, perfectly sculpted body parts, their tees looked as if it were its destiny to be draped on that body. I decided I wanted to look like them but I knew I had to work my ass off for that. But I told myself “Laters baby, now you look like a pig. A chiseled body can be thought about later”.

Well, apart from the gym body type people, there were also pigeon chested thin guys and the fat ones with man boobs and curves which were wrongly placed at all parts of the body. I should say I belonged to the latter group. Seriously!

Now the biggest frustration with going to a gym is that in your initial days, you are intimidated by most of the people there. So I knew I had to employ my ability to make friends with people easily, here. What is the easiest way to do that? A simple smile! Its the first day and I start smiling at everyone who meets my eye. Some smile back, some don’t, and some stare at me menacingly. So now I know who are the friendly souls here with who I can take a shot at asking a lot of questions on looking good and workouts and stuff, most of them downright dumb questions. I am curiouser than the cat when it comes to stuff that I love and this was something that I was beginning or acting to be passionate about.

On the first day, my master wanted to check how fit I was and thought he could gauge it by making me walk, speed walk and jog on the treadmill. A few minutes on the treadmill, he realizes I am not very fit( This is something I knew all the way!). Within a few days, I realize that I need real help as my gym master sometimes sits and watches movies in the TV at the gym. Well, am guilty too of doing the same,  sat through half of the tamil movie Pizza along with him. If you have not seen it yet, let me tell you, it is a good watch.

My smile worked! there is this gentleman here who is well built, looks strikingly handsome and most importantly, is ready to help me out. And I am ever grateful to him!

So a few days into the gym, I am again into reading up stuff on nutrition, eating good food, etc. The urge to eat reduced, but then, without my knowing because of the frustration of being alone in a place that I don’t really like even after a year, I started resorting to binge eating, when I say binge eating, it is not the binging which ‘normal’ people adhere to. When I want to eat, I can sit for an hour stuffing delectable food into my mouth with the same vigor and exuberance of a Joey Tribbiani or Obelix of the roman city, Gaul, will. Like an elephant on a rampage, but normalcy prevails after that and I vow to ‘binge’ normally for the cheat day!

Visualization for the kind of figure that you want is the biggest motivator. There was this one day when I thought I could employ my visualization skills to benefit me. I am on the treadmill and my ears are being subjected to some superb music and I am all pumped up and start visualizing a scene from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara. I imagine that I am Farhan Akthar, of course with the same body as his, is not that why I was running on the treadmill then? The scene where Farhan says “Mera naam Imran hai. Magar mere dost mujhey Majnu bhulathey hain” to Katrina Kaif.  I close my eyes and am running even more furiously now thinking that I am mouthing the same lines to some random woman I just met and within seconds I am thrown out of the treadmill. Whoosh! I did not know whether I had passed out or was it because I had closed my eyes. Was deeply embarrassed, got out of that place and treated myself to some much needed water.

My other visualization is one of my favorite ones, I am somebody who tries to avoid unsavory and violent situations as much as possible. I will scoot and run for my life if I feel that the people near me are gonna exchange blows over some reason, maybe it was because I was fat and did not have the courage enough to step in for somebody as I was afraid I would be taunted for being fat. But my visualization here is a classic that removes that demon as well. I am walking in the beach with some of my female friends and there are some buggers who make lewd comments at my friends. I step in here like a hero and grab one of the fellows with the collar and levitate him with my arm strength. The guy sees death in his face! I tell him with a voice as husky as you could possibly imagine( just for the terror effect you see :P) -“Say sorry to the girls” The fellow’s friends beg me to drop him. And after their apologies, I let them go with a warning . Now I walk back to my friends all Salman Khan ishtyle with a straight back and chest popping out and turn into a dance for the song udd udd Dabangg Dabanng.  Wow! I am all muscular and strong you see! I have run this over in my mind like a million times.

More things on my mind and lesser time on hand. So this post warrants another part as well.


Great day!


12 thoughts on “DIET-Getting Fit-Looking HOT: On that journey! Amen to that thought!

    • Thank you. Have failed big time as well. Lost the battle many times, but not the war! You did not read it properly! That Salman Khan ishtyle was a visualization thing that I did.

      Thank you so much for all the encouragement Harsha 🙂

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